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Silestone Introduces New Suede Finish in Quartz Surfaces

Suede is the latest finish in the Silestone family of quartz surfaces. Featuring unique elegance and beauty, Silestone’s Suede finish is one of the most advanced matte textures in the world of quartz surfaces. The new Suede finish quartz surface offers several advantages including high stain resistance, pleasing matte texture, colour consistency, wide choice of colours, anti-bacterial properties and simple daily maintenance.

Key features of Silestone Suede finish quartz surface:

  • Unique matte texture
  • Excellent performance against stains
  • Total colour consistency and quality
  • Choice of over 30 different colours
  • Ideal for use as worktops and tiling
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water
  • Silestone bacteriostatic property guarantees maximum hygiene in all applications

Silestone Bathroom Collection at ISH Bathroom Trade Fair in Germany

This collection reinvents the bathroom thanks to the custom-made large format concept so that pieces are manufactured to adapt to the space and create areas with very few pieces and in one material. The large format pieces mean that the joints are practically invisible, providing improved visual continuity and hygiene.

The Silestone Bathroom Collection also boasts seven shower tray models (Ducal, Kador, Fresh, Doppio, Freccia, Bubbles and Simplicity) and eight wash basin models (Elegance, Armony, Balance, Equilibrium, Symmetry, Basic, Simplicity and Exclusive).

In fact, the Exclusive wash basin model represents a milestone in the quartz industry as, along with the Silestone Integrity wash basin, it is the first three dimensional product manufactured from one single piece of Silestone. This model is offered in two families, ONE and DUE that differ in their geometry. The DUE family consists of two sizes, large and small and as is the case of all the other wash basin models from the collection, they are available with either one or two basins.

The shower tray collection has the German certification DIN 51097:1992. This standard certifies that the shower trays in the Silestone Bathroom Collection are highly slip-resistant, confirming that Silestone is the ideal material for bathroom spaces.

The entire Silestone Bathroom Collection is custom-made. Silestone wash basins can be installed in sizes ranging from 60cm x 90cm to 60cm x 280cm; and the shower trays from the bathroom collection can measure up to a width of 130 cm and a length of 75 cm to 200 cm.

This bathroom collection also offers other elements such as panelling or flooring so that the room can be fitted out with Silestone products such as coverings for special pieces, benches, apron supports, baths, hygienic skirting boards etc.

All the elements from the new line of bath products incorporate the exclusive Silestone bacteriostatic property, which makes the bathroom collection the ideal choice for this space in the home, where hygiene is paramount.

The Cosentino Bathroom Collection is available in all Silestone colours as well as in all Eco by Cosentino colours, the company’s recycled surface, providing exclusive designs that decorate spaces, forming attractive and eye-catching colour compositions.

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Shower and Sink - Lagoon Suede Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Shower and Walls - Lagoon Suede Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Shower and Massage Bed - Lagoon Suede Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Shower - Magenta Energy and Blanzo Zeus Polished Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Negro Tao Polished Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Exclusive Sink

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Exclusive Sink in Haiku Polished Finish & Walls and Floor in Gedatsu y Haiku Polished Finishes

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Exclusive Sink in Haiku Polished Finish & Walls and Floor in Gedatsu y Haiku Polished Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Exclusive Sink in Blanco Zeus & Wall in Magenta Energy

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Elegant Sink - Lagoon Suede Finish

Imagen 2850

Imagen 2944

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Bathroom Countertop - Negro Tao - Suede Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Bathroom Countertop - Lyra Polished Finish

Imagen 2205

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Walls and Floor in Blanco Rivers and Sink in Lagoon Suede Finish

Imagen 2191

Silestone Bathroom Collection - Sink - Magenta Energy Polished Finish

Silestone Bathroom Collection 2013


Cleaning SileStone & Maintenance

An update and some technical information and a cleaning recommendation for Silestone…

Because of the closed surface of Silestone, stains do not enter the tops by normal use. If you would like to put hot articles or heat-producing devices onto the tops, use a corresponding mat. Due to the non-porous surface Silestone has a high acid resistance. Oils, coffee, wine, refreshment, fruit and acetic acids do not harm the material. Smooth surface can be wiped easily, so there is no need to seal or wax the silestone surface. If you do, add a sealant or wax, the surface will lose its brilliance. Note, that a Silestone surface should not receive strong UV radiation

For daily use and maintenance please use a wet cloth and an uncommitted cleaner such as general purpose cleaner or dish cleaner. For intensive cleaning we recommend warm water. Stains can be removed with a common household cleaner and a soft sponge. Wipe off the stain and rinse with warm water. You can also use a liquid scouring agent or limescale remover. For removing tough stains use a scouring sponge. Acetone and paint thinner may be used for short-term spot removal. Be sure to wipe surfaces immediately with clean water. Hydraulic limestone stains can be removed with Salfuman, please leave on top for 1 minute and rinse with water.


Kitchen Designs by Brazillian Designers Fernando and Humberto Campana

Introducing modular kitchen designs by Brazillian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana for Silestone. The worktops – made in Silestone’s quartz – integrate various elements into the design, including a counter top, stove, sink and table. Made from over 90 percent natural quartz crystals, the Silestone work surfaces have nearly four to five times the strength of granite and a high resistance to scratch, stain and heat. The work surfaces are also hygienic and available in over 60 colors. The design similarly features a built-in Silestone Integrity sink and the front panels are made using fine walnut veneer.

Silestone Kitchen Design by Fernando and Humberto Campana

Silestone Kitchen Design by Fernando and Humberto Campana


Karlos Arguiñano Continues to Rely on Silestone

The most popular chef on TV, Karlos Arguiñano, features a new kitchen on the set of his programme on Antena3. Together with Silestone, the choice was made for the new “Suede” finish by the Spanish multinational.

Karlos Arguiñano, the most popular chef on television, is back with a new season of his programme, Karlos Arguiñano en tu cocina (Karlos Arguiñano in your kitchen) on Antena 3, and he does so alongside Silestone®, the world leader in quartz worktops.

Karlos Arguinano Encimera Uses Silestone

Karlos Arguiñano’s new kitchen has several Silestone® worktops in Blanco Zeus and he has opted for “Suede” the new exciting texture by the Spanish brand. The kitchen boasts a matte finish in Silestone Suede. No additional products are required to enhance its tone. It performs extraordinarily against stains and is soft and very nice to touch with total color consistency and quality.

The new kitchen offers beauty, spaciousness, trend, design and high performance appliances…Karlos has been using Silestone for two years to create the most delicious and original recipes.

Silestone is the ideal choice for this area of the home because of its extraordinary physical and mechanical characteristics, including its bacteriostatic property, unique to Silestone, which ensures maximum hygiene in all of its applications.

Since their partnership began in September 2009, Karlos Arguiñano and Silestone® have maintained an excellent relationship and they have been seen side-by-side at various events as well as the visit that the chef made to the multinational in Almería in 2010.

The programme Karlos Arguiñano en tu cocina can be seen Monday-Friday at 12.15 pm on Antena3.

Karlos Arguiñano continues to rely on Silestone®.


New Homes with Silestone in London Attract High Level of Early Interest

London, England – London Square Leonard Street in EC2, a new development of 42 new homes including three show penthouses, has already attracted a number of inquiries just three weeks after being launched.

“We are already receiving an astounding level of interest,” said Rebecca Littler, sales and marketing director of London Square.

Located in a quiet corner of EC2 just off Great Eastern Street, a stone’s throw from Old Street underground station, Silicon Roundabout and fashionable Hoxton Square, the eight storey development’s southerly facade overlooks a private courtyard, with projecting balconies commanding good views over the cityscape below. The three penthouses have dual-aspect panoramic outlooks which take in the City skyline, Canary Wharf and beyond.

The apartments, which start from £565,000, have 21st century specifications including Sky+ and iPod docks with speakers to all bedrooms and living areas. Interiors are contemporary yet classic comprising bespoke high gloss kitchens by Siematic, silestone countertops, hardwood flooring and Siemens appliances. Bathrooms feature porcelain tiling, Duravit sanitaryware and LED feature lighting.

Rebecca Littler added: “Leonard Street is at the very heart of all that London has to offer. Superbly located in one of the most coveted locations in the capital – it is perfectly placed for city workers and creative professionals who want to be part of London’s brightest and most buzzing district.”

Property News – New homes in EC2 attract high level of early interest.


SileStone in 227 New Hotels Next Year

SileStone in New HotelsCosentino Group doubles its numbers, charging 1.5 million euros from January 2012 to their area of business that includes hotel projects. Cosentino Group, a Spanish multinational world leader in the production and distribution of quartz surfaces and other natural stones, has installed its products since January this year in a total of 107 hotels worldwide and has confirmed the delivery of their products to 227 new hotels for next year.

Since early 2012, the multinational Almeria 1,500,000 euros billed to your area of business “Diversia” which includes hotel projects.

Iconic hotels such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai (UAE) (only seven star hotel in the world), the NH Eurobuilding in Madrid (Spain), the Casa Camper in Berlin (Germany), The Hotel designed by Jean Nouvel in Lucerne (Switzerland), the Crown Plaza Hotel in Semarang (Indonesia), the Moscovo Hilton in Moscow (Russia), the Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof in Ghent (Belgium), the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai (China) or the Hotel Grischa in Davos (Switzerland), have the exclusive Cosentino materials inside.

Architects, designers and professionals from the hospitality industry Cosentino valued products for its sustainability, ease of maintenance, durability and design. Materials that are ideal for use as buffets, countertops, counters, common areas, showers, sinks, floors, stairs, etc..

The Silestone quartz surfaces, recycled surfaces Eco by Cosentino, semiprecious stone surfaces Prexury by Cosentino, granites protected by Cosentino Sensa ® and a variety of natural stones make up the vast variety of products and technically impeccable aesthetic Cosentino Group offers.

Cosentino materials are completely adapted to the needs of hotels integrating sustainability with the highest technical and design more successful both in building new hotels in the reform of existing ones.


Consider Needs & Resale Value With Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens remain the heart of most homes. It’s not only where we cook and eat, but where friends and family gather, children do homework and daily chores are organized and completed. Kitchens provide a sense of comfort and belonging, so it’s good news that kitchen remodels can retain a significant portion of their value.

Before you begin, especially in today’s shaky economy, it’s imperative to select the correct level of remodeling for what you need now, with an eye on your home’s future resale value. Critical factors to assess include the overall budget, how long you expect to stay in your home and what type of kitchens are in other houses in your neighborhood.

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2011-2012 Cost vs. Value Report, midrange minor kitchen remodels or “cosmetic” changes — new countertops, cabinet fronts, a few new appliances, light fixtures and hardware — have an average national cost of $20,000 and get 72 percent return on investment. Midrange major remodels, which include all new appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting, have an average cost of $58,000 and a 66 percent return. High-end renovations, which can include structural work or relocating to another area in the home, installing larger windows and replacing all kitchen components, can easily cost $100,000 or more. With a more extensive and expensive renovation, returns fall to the 50 percent to 60 percent range.

Tips in planning your remodel:
Assess your needs and wants. How do you use your kitchen? How many cooks are there? How many daily meals do you cook? What kind of appliances and equipment do you need? Do you eat there? What other activities occur in the kitchen? What are the storage requirements? Is there plenty of natural lighting? Do you want to display any kitchen items?

— List all items you would like to replace and establish priorities. If you are a gourmet cook, you will probably want to splurge on professional-grade appliances.

— Develop an initial itemized budget.

— Research the latest in kitchen design on the Internet, blogs, decorating magazines and even local show houses or model homes.

— Organize your inspirations and thoughts. provides a great site for collecting and storing your ideas.

— Finalize budget and determine the extent of the renovation. For larger projects, hire a design professional to help you navigate the layout and make decisions.

Ways to maximize your budget

— Cabinetry: Most people today are drawn to a sleeker kitchen, which means flat-panel doors such as Shaker-style. These are cheaper than raised panel doors and opulent molding. Also, alder wood, in lieu of cherry or maple, can bring savings on cabinetry.

— Countertops: Stone countertops are most attractive to prospective buyers. Quartz, such as Silestone is a cost-effective material that adds a great look yet has easy maintenance properties.

— Appliances: If you are a serious cook, it will be worthwhile to invest in nicer-grade appliances. Don’t buy extended warranties.

— Flooring: Prefinished hardwood floors, porcelain tile or natural stone remain popular selections. These floors attract prospective buyers.

— Backsplash tile: There are wonderful glass and/or stone mosaics on the market that are affordable and eye catching. Stay away from decorative accent pieces that are priced per single piece. Subway tile, a classic with enduring appeal, provides a crisp look.

Kitchen renovation: Consider your needs, resale value – San Jose Mercury News.


Eliminate Finger Prints on Black Silestone

With black Silestone countertops, when you touch it or set a pan or plate on it, it leaves a mark that you can still see even after wiping. What can prevent this?

This is a common problem with dark and especially black honed granite, which is easily solved by applying a Color-Enhancing Marble & Granite Sealer that makes the stone darker so the finger prints are not so noticeable.

Of course, you cannot apply a sealer to Silestone, so it’s just a matter of cleaning it. If the finger print oils are staining as I think you suggest (“leaves a mark that you can still see even after wiping”) then that could be a problem you’ll need to contact Silestone or your fabricator about.

Although, you may not be using the best cleaner, which may solve the issue.


Silestone on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Silestone Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Carr Family in Tyler, TX Episode 724 – Air Date: Sunday, May 2, 2010

Katrina, 37, and Mike, 41, met 14 years ago while working at a summer camp for kids with special needs. They realized that they both had a passion for kids with disabilities. Four years later, they got married. They always wanted to adopt kids with special needs, so they adopted four special needs kids from Kazakhstan. All of the children were abandoned at birth. Both Ryanne, 6, and Rina, 3, suffer from Amniotic Band Syndrome, a birth defect that forms tight “bands” around the limbs, causing amputations. Rina is missing her right leg below the knee and Ryanne is missing both legs above the knee and one arm below the elbow.

Cosentino, the maker of Silestone natural quartz, joined with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to provide countertop surfaces, fabrication and installation with hands-on involvement from Berry Marble & Granite at the Carr family build site. Cosentino donated Caramel Rhine in the Kitchen, White Zeus in the Master, Girl’s and Boy’s Bathrooms, Grey Expo in the Laundry/Utility Room and Blue Enjoy in the Multipurpose Room. Click here for a sample of Silestone in these colors.

Silestone Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Silestone Extreme Makeover Home EditionSilestone Extreme Makeover Home EditionSilestone Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Watch a video of the show!

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