How To Install Sile Stone

An installation guide and instructions on how to install Silestone countertops and Sile stone counters. The following sections include instructions on how to handle joints, edges, backsplashes and gluing. Cleaning and safety measures are included as well.


1. Check all the documentation before leaving the workshop to get a clear understanding of what is likely to be involved in the installation.

2. Take all required material and special tools from the fabrication shop.

3. Check that all the necessary and Silestone pieces are available and that all the colors match (no change in tone) and that all the Silestone edges have been correctly manufactured at the fab shop. Inform the fab shop manager of any irregularities.

4. Measure the Silestone pieces with care; they are heavy. To avoid scratching them, do not let them touch any abrasive surface. Place the pieces face to face and back to back.

5. Secure the Silestone pieces with ratchets. During the transport secure the load with straps to avoid any movement that may damage or break the pieces.

6. Take note of the special instructions (special drill bits, location of kitchen sinks/faucets, etc) Note the contact phone number of the template in case you have any questions.

7. Be careful not to damage walls, cabinets, machinery and floors when transporting Silestone in and out of the customerĀ“s home.

8. Contact your supervisor immediately to resolve any issues.

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