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As a result of a $120M investment and 22,000 hours of R&D, Dekton is a technological innovation that blends the latest advancements in glass, porcelain, and quartz materials. Not only does this latest surface technology offer new textures to create new tactile sensations, it allows for a wider range of sizes and applications. The new surface to be be extra large or super compact, ultra thin or extra thick. Either way, residential and commercial customers will get exceptional performance.

Because the Dekton surface material can be bigger in size but light-weight, it offers designers and architects the ability to have surfaces flow without cut or interruption. The surface can move continuously from inside (interior design) to the outdoors and integrate with external landscaping or commercial design. Architects and interior designers can now create without limits!

Dekton is Extraordinary & Revolutionary

New Dekton Manufacturing Complex in Spain
New Dekton Manufacturing Complex in Spain

♦ It can be used in multiple applications in public and private spaces
♦ The material is UV resistant for indoors and outdoor spaces
♦ Use Dekton for floors, stairs, countertops, worktops, and cladding for facades
♦ Colors & textures can mimic wood, ripples, leather, denim, slate, rust, stone, concrete, or metal
♦ Manufactured in a large slab format (320cm x 144cm) & thicknesses of 8mm, 2cm and 3cm

The company’s new Intelligent Logistics Platform ($21M investment) is an automated distribution center which will provide services to subsidiaries and customers by supplying Silestone slabs, Dekton slabs, ECO slabs, and other products to markets around the world. The logistics platform will prepare all slab orders with automatic assets, including the transfer of racks and loading of trucks and containers. The Platform will use the control and management software of all the warehouses to achieve a new, elevated level of customer service. With a storage capacity of 115,000 slabs and 3,300 slabs loaded in each shift, this investment will substantially improve service.