Silestone Sinks

No pieces, no creases, no limits. Silestone sinks give people the sensation of unity because they provide the perfect integration with the rest of the elements in kitchens and bathrooms. This most innovative product features include high scratch resistance, durability and of course the highest performance in terms of design and guaranteed bacteriostatic protection. A wide spectrum of color possibilities allow for a harmonious design flow, and simple installation makes it even better.

Sile Stone ONE Sink by Silestone Sinks

The Silestone Sink ONE is the model that defines the concept of Integrity. A single sink, in one piece, measuring 41 x 51 x 15.5cm with a curved outline makes it the perfect choice for a fluid design and originality.

Silestone Sinks - Sile Stone ONE Sink

Silestone Sinks – Silestone ONE Sink

Sile Stone DUE Sink by Silestone Sinks

The Silestone Sink DUE is is characterized by its straight lines. The dual sink is available in two sizes: 37 x 34 x 15.5cm, ideal for a double sink and 37 x 51 x 15.5cm for a single sink. They are an excellent choice for those who prefer straight lines as the mark of style and beauty.

Silestone Sinks - Sile stone DUE Sink

Silestone Sinks – Silestone DUE Sink

The under-mount sink can be installed quickly. A specialist stone mason can also install the sink without the need for any special tools. Integrity comes with everything for an easy installation: drain valve, safety telescopic rods (DUE model does not include rods), appropriate screws and/or silicone in the same color as the sink.

Installation of a Silestone Sink

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(EspaƱol) Creating a Silestone Sink

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Silestone Sinks Cleaning & Maintenance

Easy to clean, Silestone sinks only require a few steps to clean and maintain, which are explained clearly and accurately in the manuals included with the product.

Silestone Sinks Warranty

Silestone Sinks have CE certification. All tests required under current regulations have been conducted to ensure that Silestone sinks do not disappoint.