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Silestone Countertops

Silestone countertops offer unique textures that can enhance the look, feel and safety of your kitchen, baths, and bathrooms. Silestone countertops reign supreme in quality and design options.

Composition & Pattern of Silestone Countertops

Silestone CountertopsSilestone countertop colors can vary from the most subtle neutral shades to brilliant and dynamic tones. There are solid, homogeneous patterns and options that look like they have movement through a design with varying size quartz gemstone and other enhancements.Silestone counters also reinvent its patterns on a regular basis, so the possibilities to add different components to Silestone countertops are virtually endless. Glass, mirror, and sanded mirrors are even used in a few of the series. Anyone can create a new and unique design that is fashion-forward with Silestone countertops.

Color & Depth of Silestone Countertops

Silestone countertops have evolved to offer more than 60 color selections. Each color is carefully designed and formulated to please the eye while simultaneously matching the most current trends in fashion and style. In addition to the myriad hues, Silestone countertops and Silestone Counters provide a wide array of options based on depth of color and dimension. This design flexibility ranges from a single-mixing color process that results in a more homogeneous look, to a three-dimensional color process for added depth and finally the most exclusive. Furthermore, Silestone’s innovative five-dimensional color process that provides a higher index of refraction for yet more richness of color in sever Silestone countertop options. For Silestone countertop colors, click here.

Silestone Countertop Versatility

The look, the touch, and the feel are but the basic ingredients in a sophisticated formula of development and design. Cut, Silestone countertops offer virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of applications. Ideally suited for kitchen countertops, Silestone counters are also excellent for bathroom vanity tops, table tops, floors and even shelving. On a vertical line, Silestone countertops can make for excellent backsplash designs, shower walls and other wall cladding, giving the end-user the power to continue reinventing their spaces with Silestone Quartz.

The Latest News on Silestone Countertops

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