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Dekton Warranty for Use in Public Spaces

Dekton Warranty for
Use in Public Spaces

The following warranty is not associated with Silestone Central ( It is administered by Cosentino, S.A.U., in Spain.

The warranty is only valid when the consumer has registered the project within 6 months of the purchase of the product and when the consumer submits the original invoice or purchase receipt indicating the date of purchase and the name of the dealer of the product. The consumer shall send the defective product to COSENTINO GLOBAL S.L.U. In order to be effective, the warranty must be registered at The warranty is transferable.

Cosentino reserves the right not to offer the warranty service free of charge if the requirements are not met or if the information provided by the consumer is false, incomplete or illegible.

The warranty applies to products sold for installation in buildings for public use, i.e. any building intended for use by the general public, such as: administrative buildings, car parks, shops, educational, health and other premises intended for public use, as well as public accommodation facilities (including hotels, hostels, residencies, guesthouses and holiday apartments).

Dekton Surfaces

The warranty covers large format ultra-compact surfaces registered under the Dekton brand name, designed for products such as worktops, cladding, walls and floors, among others. The warranty also covers surfaces, when they have undergone any variation at the customer’s request and it has been
carried out at Cosentino’s facilities. In general, the warranty covers all those products that cannot be referred to as end products manufactured by Cosentino.

General Aspects covered under the Warranty for public spaces

• Cosentino undertakes to replace or repair defective Surfaces under the terms and conditions set forth herein, with the same characteristics (color, thickness, etc.) as those of the product purchased by the customer.
• The warranty covers products intended for the uses defined within the scope thereof, and maintained according to the care and maintenance instructions for surfaces, as set out in the Use and Care manual of each brand. It is important that the final choice of color and finish be made before completing the purchase, as changes made later will not be covered under the warranty.
• It also covers surface defects not found in material quality controls, such as material pathologies resulting from the production process.

General Aspects not covered under the Warranty for Public spaces

• Faulty or improper installation, not following the manufacturer’s preparation and assembly recommendations.
• Intervention by third parties: any damage caused directly or indirectly by any action, work or any other intervention carried out by third parties outside Cosentino, such as problems caused by incorrect finishing/preparation of the product, modifications to the Surfaces made by third parties, improper installation methods or any other alteration or manipulation of the original product by Cosentino, such as color variations, thermal shock, impact damage, misuse or inadequate chemical treatment, performed by third parties outside Cosentino. It is important for third parties to follow the manuals that Cosentino makes available to them, such as those related to Preparation, Handling and Installation, which provide guidelines on all of the above and good practice.
• Force majeure, conditions on the site where the Surfaces are installed or handled, architectural and engineering design, structural movement, acts of vandalism, accidents, natural disasters, damage caused by interaction with other products or any other cause beyond the control of Cosentino.
• Damage resulting from improper use, including, but not limited to: (i) the use of the product for purposes other than those for which it is intended; (ii) use of the product in a manner that does not comply with applicable technical or safety standards; or (iii) failure to follow the user and maintenance manual.
• Products that have not been paid for in full.
• Three-dimensional products manufactured by third parties.
• The warranty does not cover Surfaces that do not meet the customer’s requirements, in their personal opinion, after delivery, in terms of color, veining performance and appearance (for those surfaces that have such a feature), edge profiles or other aspects selected by the customer at the time of purchase.
• The differences between samples or photographs of any Cosentino product and the actual product purchased are excluded from the warranty.
• The warranty shall be void in the event of repairs or handling made to the product without due verification by Cosentino.
• Any unforeseen or consequential damage, loss or cost, other than that of the product itself, including but not limited to, damage to other products, facilities or additional or supplementary repairs to plumbing, electrical or building work that may be necessary to repair or replace the Surfaces. These shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.
• Damages that may arise from deficiencies or omissions in the technical project that is the basis for the building work in which the Surfaces are used.
• Cosentino does not manufacture worktops or any other application, but provides the material to manufacture them. Therefore, if any of the conditions stated in the terms and conditions contained herein are met, the material necessary to replace the worktop will be provided, but the costs of preparing and installing the product will not be covered by Cosentino.
• The warranty only covers the replacement of the defective product with one of identical characteristics (color, thickness, etc.) to that purchased by the customer, unless the is impossible due to the product being discontinued, in which case it shall be replaced by the most similar product at that time.
• Use of the products in public buildings. Public use includes, but is not limited to, commercial buildings and public accommodation facilities (including hotels, hostels, residencies, guesthouses and holiday apartments).
• Surface damage caused by external agents on the surface of the material affecting its surface appearance.

Dekton 10-Year Warranty for Public spaces:

Cosentino guarantees the registered owner of the installed Dekton by Cosentino products against manufacturing defects for a period of ten (10) YEARS.

What the Warranty Covers

• Surface damage to two-dimensional applications, such as worktops, cladding, walls and floors permanently installed inside a dwelling or property intended for use other than a residence.
• Cracking caused by exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as thermal shock cracking.
• Stains due to common food, beverages and household products, provided that customers have followed the proper care and maintenance guidelines.
• Fading due to direct exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, both inside and outside buildings.
• Dekton products used for barbecues, fireplaces or any surface which may be exposed to heat, provided that the applicable installation manuals available at are strictly adhered to.
• The Dekton XGloss/Stonika series consist of ultra-polished and ultra-compact surfaces, which require regular maintenance and cleaning. The warranty covers these surfaces that have been maintained in accordance with the cleaning and maintenance guidelines, which can be found at

What the Warranty Does Not Cover

• Cracking and chipping due to the impact of heavy objects and the movement, displacement or positioning of the supporting structure under the surface of the worktop or flooring (kitchen units, floors, foundations, etc.) are not covered under the warranty.
• Products that have been treated or covered with unapproved chemicals or coatings.
• Products exposed to abnormal use or conditions, or misuse (chipping, cracking, impact damage or breakage due to customer misuse).
• Dekton Surfaces are designed to have a natural, non-uniform appearance; as a result, the Limited warranty does not cover variations in color, shade, particle structure or gloss level.
• The warranty does not cover wear marks on Dekton products, including, but not limited to, metal marks, fingerprints or smudges and other similar wear indicators caused by the use of utensils.
• Some Dekton colors may only be suitable for use in a specific application. The customer will be informed of the colors which Cosentino recommends to use only for a specific application, and should not rely on any other oral or written statements to the contrary. By purchasing these colors in particular, the customer agrees to indemnify and exempt Cosentino from all rights and claims under the warranty if such colors are used or applied contrary to Cosentino’s recommendations.
• The warranty for Dekton products with GRIP/GRIP+ finish is limited to five (5) years under the terms, conditions and limitations described for all other Dekton by Cosentino products.

Warranty Registration for Public Spaces

In order to benefit from the Warranty, it must be registered within six (6) months of purchase.

To register as a holder of the warranty, it must be activated via Warranty registration requires certain information for registration, including information relating to the point of sale and/or the supplier, as well as the customer. Therefore, we recommend that customers register directly with the point of sale or supplier. At the end of the registration, the customer may print the warranty for their use.

Warranty Claims for Public Spaces

If you believe that any of the products covered by the warranty to be defective and wish to make a claim under the warranty, you should contact your point of sale or visit the website for your country where you will find the Customer Service contact details:

Cosentino Global S.L.U.
Carretera de Baza-Huércal Overa km 59
04850 Cantoria (Almería)

To receive timely service under the terms and conditions of the warranty, you must allow Cosentino or its authorized agents, marble suppliers or fitters to inspect the products at your project site. In addition, you must reasonably cooperate with Cosentino and its agents in their efforts to service the limited warranty.

Cosentino’s obligations under the warranty are subject to receipt of proper notice from the purchaser covered under the warranty and Cosentino’s reasonable ability to perform. Failure to allow inspection will render the warranty null and void.

In no event shall Cosentino be liable, whether in contract or tort, for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential or other damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profit arising from the use or inability to use the product in residential applications covered under the limited warranty.