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Silestone Slabs – Prices, Sizes, Colors

Silestone countertops are cut from large Silestone slabs, keeping the need for seams at a minimum. Silestone also offers a selection of tile sizes for a variety of other applications. The versatility of Silestone makes it the ideal material for any project from the largest kitchen to the smallest bathroom. The Silestone slabs come in a wide-variety of color and edge options, including the leather finish for those that don’t want the shine of polished stone.


Thickness Width Length
1.2cm (1/2″) 137cm (54″) 305cm (120″)
1.2cm (1/2″) 160cm (63″) 325cm (128″)
2.0cm (3/4″) 137cm (54″) 305cm (120″)
2.0cm (3/4″) 160cm (63″) 325cm (128″)
3.0 cm (1-1/4″) 137cm (54″) 305cm (120″)
3.0 cm (1-1/4″) 160cm (63″) 325cm (128″)

Standard Tiles

Thickness Width Length
1.2cm (1/2″) 30cm (12″) 30cm (12″)
1.2cm (1/2″) 40cm (16″) 40cm (16″)
1.2cm (1/2″) 60cm (24″) 60cm (24″)
1.2cm (1/2″) 30cm (12″) 60cm (24″)
1.2cm (1/2″) 40cm (16″) 60cm (24″)

Miro Tiles

Thickness Width Length
.75cm (1/4″) 10cm (4″) 10cm (4″)

Standard Finish

Polished and Leather

Standard Colors

Currently Sixty-One (61) – See Color Charts
New Colors Introduced Every Year

Custom/Special Orders

Sizes – Per Project Requirement
Finishes – Double Sided Polished Slabs, Sand Blasted
(Custom finishes may change performance of material)
Color – to Match (Minimum order required)