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Compare Silestone or Dekton versus other countertop materials or even other quartz countertop manufacturers. Whether you need countertops for your kitchen, bath, office, or business, Silestone Central has the most up-to-date comparisons from a community of independent experts.

Silestone Quartz Countertop Samples

Get Your Silestone 2 in x 4 in Quartz Countertop Samples

Quartz countertops like Silestone are cut from large slabs to keep seams at a minimum. It is smart to get a sample of your own, even if you looked at it in a showroom or store. Why? Because a quartz countertop can vary in absolutely every setting due to variations in lighting, natural light, even reflections from other elements in the setting.

CaesarStone vs SileStone

Both Silestone and Caesarstone are made of engineered quartz that are extremely hard, durable, and resistant to scratches and stains. Though hard and durable, both cannot handle extremely hot cookware being placed directly on countertop surface.

Compare Dekton Porcelain

Compare Dekton to Porcelain Countertops

Though similar in their durability as a countertop surface and often mistaken as being the same or similar, they are unique materials with its own distinct pros and cons (benefits and disadvantages).

Porcelain Countertops vs Silestone Countertops

Porcelain Taking on Silestone Quartz

Interior designers have seen marble and natural stone-looking porcelain as the top trends in both residential and commercial designs. These chic surfaces can be styled any way to give an elegant, high-end and clean appearance.

Granite Countertops vs Silestone

The Shortcomings of Granite vs Silestone

When people dream of their best home, they tend to imagine a spacious kitchen with modern appliances and sweeping granite countertops… not necessarily modern Silestone countertops. Though granite countertops are often a favorite for interior designers, they are not without some important drawbacks that must be taken into consideration.

Travertine Kitchen vs Silestone

Is Travertine Trending to Replace Silestone?

Travertine, the porous variety of limestone (not Silestone quartz), often found around mineral springs, has emerged as a star in the decorating landscape. It is emblematic this current era of material-forward decorating where visual calm is key.