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Dekton Countertop

Dekton Countertops

This material takes countertops to the next level. An extraordinary “ultracompact” surface has been engineered to have almost no porosity or micro-defects that cause tensions or weak points. Dekton countertops can be used for any application in extreme conditions (indoors or outdoors), even for façades or flooring.

Dekton is available in small (71 cm x 71 cm) and large (320 cm x 144 cm) slabs that allow you to create visual continuity in a variety of spaces with the minimum number of joints.

Small Dekton Slab
71 cm X 71 cm

Dekton Slab Size Small

Optima Dekton Slab
144 cm X 320 cm

Dekton Slab Size Large (Optima)

Standard Silestone Slab
140 cm X 305 cm

Silestone Slab Size Standard

Jumbo Silestone Slab
160 cm X 325 cm

Silestone Slab Size Large / Jumbo

Dekton Colors Series & Collections

Dekton Countertops Perform Better

Dekton is Scratch Resistant

Dekton is Scratch Resistant

Dekton is Heat Resistant

Dekton is Heat Resistant

Dekton is Stain Resistant

Dekton is Stain Resistant

Dekton is UV Resistant

Dekton is UV Resistant

Dekton Countertops are Easy to Install & Lower Costs

Thinner surfaces are lighter, so they are cheaper to ship and easier install, which lowers your cost especially with the Optimma format (260 x 100 cm in 4 mm thickness).

Dekton Counters Available in Many Colors & Textures

The collection of Dekton countertop colors and finishes, from ultra-glossy to matte or velvet, offer a wide variety of options.

Dekton Allows for Continuous Spaces

Due to its lightness and strength, Dekton counters can be installed with nearly invisible joints to deliver tonal uniformity over the entire surface covering large spaces.

Dekton Countertops Allow for Customizations

Dekton countertop colors can be customized and complex cuts are available to create unique pieces that create amazing spaces.

Ultra Slim Option for Dekton Countertops

The slim 4mm thickness in large format opens up design options and allows for incredibly easy installation.

Dekton Countertops Come in Optima Format

The Dekton slab has been optimized for the most common cladding or paneling applications to create a new format with improved cost, design, installation and handling.

Dekton Countertops Have High-Gloss Option

A luminous and dazzling finish is offered by mechanical polishing without the need for enamels or other materials.

Dekton Countertops Are Cut Quicker

Dekton counters can be cut three times faster without altering its properties.

Dekton Countertops Thickness Format
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There are 5 thicknesses available to ensure the best performance for a wide variety of applications or uses.

4 mm
8 mm
12 mm
20 mm
30 mm

Dekton Warranty for Residential Use

The Dekton warranty is valid when customers have registered the project within 6 months of the purchase of the product and when the customer submits the original invoice or purchase receipt with the date of purchase and the name of the dealer of the product. The warranty is transferable.

Dekton Warranty

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