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Silestone Suede Countertops

Silestone Suede Countertops Reinvent The Touch Of Couentertops
Responding to an increasing demand for a refined, honed look, Silestone Suede is a technologically-advanced product that has a new extra-mat finish and more intense color. The technology that has gone into the new Silestone Suede countertops and surfaces is delivered through a exclusive treatment turns that results in a more efficient performance against stains, marks, and fingerprints.

It offers a unique combination of built-in antimicrobial protection that safely fights the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew along with the assurance of GREENGUARD certification for clean air quality, and National Sanitation Foundation certification (NSF 51) for safe food preparation.

The Silestone Suede Countertop Aesthetic

The matte finish offers an exceptional, distinctive design aesthetic that sets it apart from the traditional high-gloss appearance of other surfaces. The elegant surface are smooth to the touch and gives the surface a softer appearance with little reflection. The new Silestone Suede product line expands the possibilities for kitchen and bath design to give architects, designers and homeowners unprecedented flexibility. The Suede finish is ideal for countertops or backsplashes and is incredibly easy to maintain. Silestone Suede can complement existing Silestone finish because it is naturally non-porous and never needs to be sealed. Furthermore, Silestone Suede does not need wax to enhance its tone, still it reduces the appearance of fingerprints.

Silestone Suede Price & Silestone Suede Cost

Currently, Silestone Suede retails for about $55 per square foot, depending on thickness and color.

Silestone Suede Colors

Suede is currently available in the more popular black, white, and gray hues including Black Tao, White Zeus Extreme, Cemento and Vortium. Silestone Suede is also available in the entire Nebula series. The new countertop surface has been showing at premium kitchen and bath showrooms and specialty retailers, but you can view the complete Silestone Suede gallery further below.


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Silestone Suede Warranty

Silestone Suede comes with a 15-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.