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Dekton Façade Warranty

Dekton Warranty for Façades

The following warranty is not associated with Silestone Central ( It is administered by Cosentino, S.A.U., in Spain.

What the Warranty for FAÇADES Covers

• For a period of 10 years, Cosentino S.L.U. is obliged to replace any defective product under the terms and conditions expressed in the wwarranty, with the same characteristics (color, thickness, etc.) as the product acquired by the customer.
• The warranty covers Dekton by Cosentino that has been used in the applications defined in the scope of this Warranty. It is important that the final choice of color and finish be made before completing the purchase, as changes made later will not be covered under this Warranty.
• On material supplied with drill holes, grooves and other mechanical operations performed on Dekton by Cosentino Global S.L.U. at its facilities. The quality of the products is guaranteed within the standard limitations established, but the Warranty will not apply to unsuitable mechanical operations exceeding the limitations of the material, as the performance and calculation of such operations shall be the responsibility of the technical management for the project.
• Non-structural adhesive sealants used in the joints between Dekton slabs for façade application are provided to Cosentino by a third party, and would therefore not be covered under this Letter of Warranty.
• The warranty is in all cases conditional upon the strict observance by the consumer of the instructions for use and maintenance of Dekton as detailed in the technical documentation available from Cosentino at the time of façade installation.

What the Warranty For FAÇADES Does Not Cover

• Any kind of damage caused, either directly or indirectly, by any activity, work or intervention by external third parties to Cosentino Global S.L.U., such as: problems caused by an incorrect finish/preparation of the project, unsuitable installation methods, or any other alteration or manipulation of the original DEKTON by Cosentino product.
• Damage resulting from improper use, including, but not limited to (i) the use of the product in a way that does not comply with the applicable technical or safety standards. (ii) non-compliance with the instructions contained in the technical documentation provided by Cosentino at the time of façade installation.
• Natural disasters, damage caused by interaction with other products or any other cause beyond the control of Cosentino Global S.L.U.
• Any unforeseen or consequential damage, loss or cost, other than that of the product itself, including but not limited to, damage to other products, facilities or additional or supplementary repairs to plumbing, electrical or building work that may be necessary to repair or restore the DEKTON by COSENTINO product covered under this Warranty are expressly excluded from this Warranty and are the exclusive responsibility of the customer.
• Furthermore, any damages that may arise following the occurrence of the defect covered, including those generated while the claim is being submitted and processed, as well as throughout the entire period of time required to replace the product, are expressly excluded from this warranty. The exclusion extends, without limitation, to any damages, including loss of income, which may be caused to the trading, commercial, industrial, professional or merely residential activities of the consumer or purchaser of the product, or any third party.
• Damages that may arise from deficiencies or omissions in the technical project that is the basis for the building work in which the DEKTON by Cosentino products are used.
• In addition, any differences between the samples or photographs of any DEKTON by Cosentino product and the actual products purchased are excluded. Furthermore, any stains produced by components of the material itself and defects arising from its polishing are also excluded, since Cosentino Global S.L.U. does not sell products presenting such defects for any reason, under any circumstances.
• The warranty shall be void in the event of repairs and/or handling made to the product without due verification by Cosentino Global S.L.U.

What Cosentino Global S.L.U. Will Do if Dekton is Defective

In the event that a Dekton product is defective, as per the terms and conditions of the warranty, Cosentino Global S.L.U. will make appropriate checks and proceed to replace the defective product with another of identical characteristics (color, thickness, etc.) to that purchased by the customer, unless this is impossible due to the product being discontinued, in which case it will be replaced by the most similar product at that time.

How to Make a Warranty for Façades Claim

If you believe that any of the products covered under the warranty to be defective and wish to make a claim under the warranty, you should contact your point of sale or visit the website for your country where you will find the Customer Service contact details:

Cosentino Global S.L.U.
Carretera de Baza-Huércal Overa km 59
04850 Cantoria (Almería)