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Silestone in Minnesota

Whether you want your home to be your sanctuary or are a social phenom with friends and family, discover the beauty of new Silestone quartz countertops. Let’s locate approved suppliers of Silestone in Minnesota or source certified contractors to install Silestone countertops in Minnesota. Whether there are local retailers of Silestone near you or a regional distributor in Minnesota, we’ll chase them down for you.

Silestone in Minneapolis Minnesota

Silestone Central will help you make sure you get the best possible price on Silestone in Minnesota. If you already have your countertops picked out, delivered, or on its ay, we can quickly source CERTIFIED Silestone installers throughout Minnesota to make sure your job is completed professionally and on time.

Our network of professionals cover the whole state of Minnesota to bring customers the latest Silestone surfaces and options for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, flooring, even tables and and shelves.

  • All retailers and shops are certified Silestone product installers
  • Customers receive information to activate warranty after installation

There are 2 size options for Silestone Countertops…

Standard: 55 inches by 120 inches

Jumbo: 63 inches by 128 inches.

Slab Thickness for Minnesota

There are 3 thickness options for Minnesota…

1.2 cm

2.0 cm

3.0 cm


Silestone Edge - Bullnose

A completely rounded finish that maintains the surface’s thickness.

Basic Eased

Silestone Edge - Basic Eased

This edge type appears square with a slightly eased top edge while maintaining the surface’s thickness.

Straight Beveled

Silestone Edge - Straight Beveled

Similar to the basic ease, this edge maintains the surface thickness and appears square with a slanted top edge.


Silestone Edge - Demi-Bullnose

An edge that is rounded along the top and flattens at the bottom for a straight edge while maintaining a consistent thickness. Also know as half-bullnose.


Silestone Edge - Ogee

This traditional style edge features a concave arch that transitions into a convex arch.


Silestone Edge - Mitered

Similar to the basic ease, this edge maintains the surface thickness and appears square with a slanted top edge.


Silestone Countertop Polished Texture

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Suede Texture

Silestone Countertop Suede Texture

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Silestone in Minnesota

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Let’s save you some money on Silestone Quartz Countertops in Minnesota. Silestone Central has a portfolio of top installation professionals for your new Silestone surfaces.

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Design Tools for Silestone Countertops

Dekton Bath Design Online


Dekton Moodboard


Dekton Visualizer Design Tool


Dekton Kraftizen Argentium Kitchen Counters


Silestone Design Professionals in Minnesota

Looking for professional Interior design services for your home, bathroom, kitchen, or even commercial applications? Silestone Central has a portfolio of top kitchen designers to make the most of your new countertops.

What price would you pay for the perfect combination of durability, beauty, and ease of care? And don’t forget the 25-year limited warranty that comes with it! Almost any Silestone price would be justified when the product comes with a great warranty and features built-in antimicrobial protection.

How to get the best price on YOUR countertops

  • Reduce total project cost by having multiple vendors bid on the same, detailed work specification of your Silestone Countertop project. For accurate cost estimates, we will help you collect detailed bids from several qualified professionals.
  • To maximize the payback of your Silestone Countertop investment, use materials and installation quality appropriate for your home and neighborhood.
  • Silestone price estimates for countertops may require an on-site inspection. Usually these estimates will be free. You should expect any Silestone price estimate to be presented with an in-depth presentation.
  • Estimates should include all typical costs for leveling, sink cutout, deck mounted fixture cutouts, seam joining and edge fabrication.
  • Silestone Countertop cost estimates usually do not include costs for a backsplash.
  • Be aware that Silestone Countertop installation costs vary considerably by location.
  • Low to high labor cost range differences are in part due to variations in work load, job location and seasonal wage rates.
  • Silestone Countertops that require thicker slab and/or more intricate edge fabrication will likely cost more.
  • The variation in installation costs for complex configurations (non-rectangular shape, many corners, multiple levels, etc.) can be considerable.
  • Material costs include 4.5% – 8.7% overage commonly needed for on-site fabrication and future repairs.
  • Save on installation costs by combining similar jobs and by being willing to have your project completed during low demand periods.

Need Countertop Installation in Minnesota?

It is as important to choose the right material for your countertop, surface, siding or flooring as it is to have a proper handling of this material because the wrong installation or fabrication can lead to future problems. Certified professionals who install Silestone should use the professional products provided by Silestone. Be sure to ask them!

Silestone Central has a portfolio of top installation professionals for your new Silestone countertops in Minnesota.