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Stunning Bianco Calacatta is Sophisticated

This unique and sophisticated Silestone countertop option can bring your vision to life when used as the kitchen countertop, as well as the backsplash, and even the wall cladding.

Silestone Bianco Calacatta Countertops + __________

When you use Silestone on other surfaces in addition to countertops, it can integrate multiple spaces when used in sophisticated ways in living rooms, even in bedrooms and bathrooms

In this house, Silestone Bianco Calacatta compliments the fancy styling in a smaller space but still allows the kitchen to feel open and larger than it really is. And with a perfectly integrated kitchen, bar, and living area where the Silestone melds with wallcoverings, lighting, and cabinets, Silestone can maximize function.

Ultimately, it delivers a sophisticated look that accents other interior elements. Silestone The countertops and surfaces throughout the home are an integral part of the flow from one space to another.

Silestone integrates the kitchen with other living spaces through visual continuity. When Silestone allows you to carry ideas over walls and through entryways to living and dining spaces, it works to make smaller homes feel much larger. Then, when Silestone syncs with style and function, it blows you away!

White Countertop Surfaces Using Silestone Statuario

With complimentary Silestone options, you can add a bit of variation when you carry your design motif through the house. The variation of using Silestone Statuario with Bianco Calacatta keeps the visual appeal fresh. Using Silestone on shower curbs and surrounds, you can transition bathroom sink space to the shower and tub.

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