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The Best Countertops for a Bright Kitchen

White is the new everything for home interiors and countertops. Lately, for all of us wanting to revamp an existing kitchen or build our dream home, white quartz countertops (Silestone) offer up a combination of style and versatility that is unmatched. Known for both durability and design appeal, no choice ranks higher than white Silestone quartz.

Why Choose White Silestone Quartz

Many think white countertops are timeless. We see the all-white kitchens everywhere these days. They are complete with cloud-like countertops with dramatic veining that immediately draws the eye. There are white Silestone countertop options suited to every interior design style. And since samples of Silestone are easy to acquire or see in-person at your local store or design hub, people can easily try out different white quartz countertop samples in their existing space until they land on the perfect style.

The Best Options for White Countertops

Looking for a way to customize your own white Silestone countertop? The surface can be left polished or “leathered” to acquire a suede or matte look that can be more natural to the eyes of many homeowners. Different countertop thicknesses are also available with Silestone slabs. And we all know the other supreme benefit of using Silestone is the uniformity of the pattern. Though most options for white countertops incorporate veining, these patterns tend to be consistent from slab to slab. This makes it easier to line up the patterns for a dramatic effect when incorporating high-end design details like a matchbook backsplash or waterfall island.

Color Options for White Counters… Really?

What may look cloud-like in a showroom may look yellow in your own kitchen. It depends on the lighting, so it’s always a good idea to take home as many samples as you can to observe their appearance throughout the day. If you’re considering a white Silestone countertop with lots of veining or details, be sure to go to a showroom that has the full slab or a countertop installed in a sample kitchen.

White Silestone KitchenS

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