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Cindy Crawford’s Third Campaign for Silestone: The Ethereal Collection

Silestone’s third and final campaign with Cindy Crawford, serves as a transition into the development of the revolutionary HybriQ+ technology for more eco-friendly production.

The HybriQ+ technology features a new production process underscoring Silestone’s commitment to the environment – the circular economy and sustainable management. HybriQ+ works to reduce the presence of crystalline silica in Silestone with a new formulation of raw minerals with equal or better performance than quartz while materials of recycled origin are used.

The new composition gives Silestone a sustainable focus and new design sensibilities, including improved depth and translucency, with the same performance and look.

New Silestone Colors

The four new sky-inspired designs have made another flamboyant debut with a big advertising and marketing campaign featuring fashion icon, Cindy Crawford. The partnership with Cindy Crawford has highlighted the connection between the fashion of interior design and the fashions of our daily lives.

The collection has made way for new design options for Interior professionals. Combined with high-performance capabilities including stain, acid, shock, and scratch resistance, the new Silestone-engineered surfaces are ideal for applications ranging from backsplashes and countertops to wall cladding. The marble-inspired series four Silestone colors offer a perspective on continuously changing patterns in the sky.

Ethereal Haze features a range of grey tones, an interplay of gradients which blend into calm neutrals with deep fine veining against a canvas to capture the dance of color and light seen from dawn to nightfall

The urban aesthetic of Ethereal Dusk showcases bluish-toned veining, inspired by the last moments of darkness before sunrise. Ethereal Noctis has a tinged white foundation, broken up with short grey and black veins for contrast and depth.

Golden and grey veining merges with a tinged white foundation in Ethereal Glow. This new Silestone color is inspired by sunsets and igneous hues, which is an an evolution from the acclaimed Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold.

The urban aesthetic of Ethereal Dusk showcases bluish-toned veining, inspired by the last moments of darkness before sunrise

The Silestone Ethereal Colors

Click on each slab for more images of the countertops in action and tools to design online.

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