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Cleaning Silestone & Maintenance

An update and some technical information and a cleaning recommendation for Silestone…

Because of the closed surface of Silestone, stains do not enter the tops by normal use. If you would like to put hot articles or heat-producing devices onto the tops, use a corresponding mat. Due to the non-porous surface Silestone has a high acid resistance. Oils, coffee, wine, refreshment, fruit and acetic acids do not harm the material. Smooth surface can be wiped easily, so there is no need to seal or wax the silestone surface. If you do, add a sealant or wax, the surface will lose its brilliance. Note, that a Silestone surface should not receive strong UV radiation

For daily use and maintenance please use a wet cloth and an uncommitted cleaner such as general purpose cleaner or dish cleaner. For intensive cleaning we recommend warm water. Stains can be removed with a common household cleaner and a soft sponge. Wipe off the stain and rinse with warm water. You can also use a liquid scouring agent or limescale remover. For removing tough stains use a scouring sponge. Acetone and paint thinner may be used for short-term spot removal. Be sure to wipe surfaces immediately with clean water. Hydraulic limestone stains can be removed with Salfuman, please leave on top for 1 minute and rinse with water.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Silestone & Maintenance”

  1. First off we love our silestone counter! Over the 15 years, it has lived up to the expectations we expected. Now 15 years later we were required to replace our stove. We have discovered that the alloted space is about 1/8 of an inch off at the top right corner. My question is can the silestone be sanded without damage to the corner of the counter. I would appreciate any suggestions on this issue.

  2. SileStone Central

    Philip, I’d get on Home Depot about that. They source their installations to contractors whom of which they are supposed to approve. Either Home Depot or the contractor messed up matching the thickness of the slab or they tried salvaging leftover pieces from another job. That’s definitely not a Cosentino (Silestone) issue. They quality control everything before it goes to retailers or distributors.

  3. I had Silestone countertops installed in my kitchen. The “L” configuration required that 2 pieces be connected together. The 2 pieces were different thicknesses resulting in ugly, top and bottom ledges at the connection. It is very unworkmanlike and gets negative comments from everyone who sees it. I wonder what kind of production controls or quality assurance inspections that they employ at Cosentino/Silestone that permits this variation to go unnoticed and used in the field. I am disappointed in my $4000 countertop but Home Depot refuses to honor their warranty and recognize this as an unworkmanlike condition. Beware.

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