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The Shortcomings of Granite vs Silestone

When people dream of their best home, they tend to imagine a spacious kitchen with modern appliances and sweeping granite countertops… not necessarily modern Silestone countertops. Though granite countertops are often a favorite for interior designers, they are not without some important drawbacks that must be taken into consideration.

In terms of style, there is an aesthetic appeal of neatly-installed granite countertops. The mass adoption of granite countertops has led consumers in some circles to believe the style to be bourgeois. Because granite countertops are among the most expensive material options, homeowners can also save money by opting for countertops that are more unique and cost-effective than granite surfaces.

You Need To Seal Granite, Not Silestone

Granite is naturally porous with tiny cracks and openings that cannot be seen with the naked eye.. Sealing prevents liquids from absorbing and staining the natural stone and prevents bacteria build up on granite countertops. With different natural stones such as granite, you will need to seal your countertops. Granite countertops need to be sealed annually to prevent any of this from happening. Since Silestone countertops are nonporous, sealing is not something you even need to worry about.

Easily Damage Granite Countertops

Staining and/or fading can occur due to improper stone sealing… Unfortunately, the perceived durability of granite countertops can actually lead to homeowners acting more reckless than they might otherwise, and damaging the sealant themselves. Though granite is known for its heat resistance, repeatedly laying down hot pans can compromise the seal, making it prone to future staining. Even leaving spilled soda or acidic orange slices directly on granite countertops can damage its seal. While the effects of these mistakes won’t present immediately, over time it’s bound to cheapen the appearance of granite countertops.

DIY Repair GRANITE Vs Quality Repair for Silestone

Granite countertops are easily repairable. You can make a trip to a home improvement store near you and pick up a repair kit for your granite tops. You can take some epoxy and fill the chip with it and it will hardly be noticeable if at all.

Silestone is not quite as easy to repair as granite, but its modular nature allows for significant damage to be repaired seamlessly. It is recommended getting an expert to take care of any repairing issues when it comes to Silestone.

Its Much Harder To Stain Silestone Countertops

There are times in the kitchen when one doesn’t stop to wipe off counters when something gets on them. Going back to the naturally porous stone… stains that are left on granite countertop for too long will absorb into the stone. Silestone countertops are great because this is not something you have to worry about.

Silestone Quartz is Maintenance Free

Most want countertops that look their best with the least amount on maintenance. Silestone is supreme because it is a countertop surface that is nonporous and easily resists stains and spills. The reason why people find it hard to choose between granite and quartz is because they are durable countertop materials. People will usually think about the porous and nonporous qualities in order to make a final decision because granite and quartz can be great in their own ways.

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