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Cosentino Promoting The Use of Dekton for Façades

A shift in contemporary architecture has highlighted the importance of the façade. Previously used exclusively for esthetic value, façades can now have an impact on structural stability and the energy efficiency of buildings. A good architectural design considers these variables and more, so there has been a need to develop a material that can deliver that function and the esthetically pleasing. Cosentino, the maker of Silestone, is up to the task with the relatively new surface material, Dekton, which is often used for countertops and other interior surfaces.

Silestone Cosentino Using Dekton for Facades

Cosentino (maker of Silestone) has organized a convention to explore the use of its new surface material, Dekton, for façades. This is an innovative and pioneering initiative. Cosentino wanted to bring together more than 150 companies and 200+ attendees for a unique and pioneering event within the industry. The event featured architects Daniel Libeskind, Ignacio Fernández Solla, Agostino Ghirardelli and Giuseppe Blengini.

This is a supporting trend toward a more sustainable and energy efficient building. Cosentino, maker of Silestone, recognizes this and wants to make its presence known in the industry to highlight the options available to architects when they use Dekton.

The Polish-American architect, Daniel Libeskind, an international figure in architecture and urban design delivered a keynote speech. Agostino Ghirardelli and Giuseppe Blengini, founding partners of the SBGA I Blengini Ghirardelli studio; and the architect and associate director of the firm Arup, Ignacio Fernández Solla, led a round table to address the possibilities from an architectural point of view.

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