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Silestone’s Parent Company: Cosentino

Founded in 1979 by Eduarda and Eduardo Cosentino, Silestone’s parent company, Groupo Cosentino (Cosentino Group) is headquartered in Cantoria, Almeria, Spain. When the company was founded in 1979, their initial staff was just 17 people. Today, Cosentino has more than 4,300 employees around the world.

They actually began their work back in the 1940s trying to make use of Macael marbles from quarries in the Almeria town of Macael in Spain. Eventually by 1985, the company expanded in the national market by opening satellite offices in France and Germany.

After attempting to develop Marmolstone (a compound made from marble leftovers or waste from quarries) that turned out to be unsuccessful, the company began manufacturing its flagship product, Silestone, in 1990.


Cosentino is a family-owned manufacturer that produces and distributes Silestone quartz countertop as well as other brands/surfaces for architectural design and interiors for both residential and commercial application. Its primary brands/trademarks are Silestone, Dekton, “Eco by Cosentino”, and “Sensa by Cosentino.”

Cosentino Manufactures Silestone

The company is a part of the entire production cycle of Silestone countertops, from the extraction of the raw material (quartz) to the finished and polished product.

Cosentino Introduces Dekton

In 2014, the company introduced Dekton to the countertop/surface market. The new product uses a technological process that involves an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes when exposed to high pressure and high temperature. The materials are a mixture of the raw materials used to manufacture glass, porcelain and large-format quartz surfaces.


As of 2022, Cosentino distributes Silestone and related products to more than 110 countries. The company has 13 pressing lines and 12 polishing lines at full capacity that produce Silestone, as well as a Dekton factory with two pressing lines and two polishing lines in Spain and a marble factory in Brazil, 14 quarries of natural stone and 19 processing factories spread over several countries.

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