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One of Silestone’s Cousins: Dekton Onirika

The parent company of Silestone, Cosentino, also produces an ultracompact surface intended for indoor AND outdoor use. It is called Dekton, and they just released a collection intended to unite the unique beauty of stone and showcase the versatility of manufactured Dekton. The new series is called Onirika and it was developed in conjunction with international interior designer, Nina Magon.

Dekton Onirika

The product development wasn’t trying to mimic an existing natural stone. They were able to create a unique color and veining structure to bring an inanimate surface toto life. The goal was to have designers, architects, and homeowners see that the surface can be used on walls, ceilings, facades, outdoor spaces, etc.

The surface color/pattern options really are unique and beautiful. And the surface material still represent sustainability and forward-thinking innovation while still looking elegant.

Though the surface is a great contemporary swatch, color, and pattern, the application in these featured interiors (interior design) is just awful. It doesn’t do the beauty of the material any justice. Having the same surface and pattern all over a space is just lacking taste. It’s almost as bad as ceramic tile trying to look like wood flooring or plastic wall panels trying to look like wood. Yeah, we went there! Have a look:

The Dekton Onirika Available in 8 Colors/Patterns

Neural combines elegance and structure to bring peace and joy, calm sensations, and an overall feeling of well being into a space. With fine, pale veins’ crossing the marbled pattern – the design creates a fascinating neural network, which teleports us into a white dream. It is best suited for bright, neutral spaces with soft textures, light colors, and wooden or metallic accents.

Dekton Onirika Neural

Lucid displays many shades, reflections, and glints of color to create an illuminative perception of colors best combined with wood, grey and gold shades, and frosted glass.

Dekton Onirika Lucid

Morpheus, It is the name of this same Lucid tonality but in Dekton Velvet Texture finish.

Dekton Onirika Morpheus

Awake is a re-interpretation of the precious Paonazzo stone. It features thick veins of light greys, exquisite oxide terracotta, and a hint of subtle, inky blues. This iteration pairs beautifully with white, neutral tones, lightwood, and golds of any shade.

Dekton Onirika Awake

Trance features warm fine streaks that move between oxides and fade to reddish gold, combining perfectly with reddish oak wood and darker walnut tones. Blue furniture and warm golds in pale finishing bring sleekness to this vibrant color.

Dekton Onirika Trance

Somnia boasts captivating details of warm oxide browns and whites that merge under a grid of think lines that create a sober texture. Somnia is perfect with warm dark woods, frosted glass and textured metal surfaces such as copper.

Dekton Onirika Somnia

Vigil recreates a strong Calacatta structure with thick veins in gradients of light and dark greys, matched with a subtle touch of gold. This is a classic color that is easy to combine with warm and cold hues, wood metal, and clean concrete.

Dekton Onirika Vigil

Daze, It is the name of this same Vigil tonality but in Dekton Velvet texture finish.

Dekton Onirika Daze

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