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Eliminate Finger Prints on Black Silestone

With black Silestone countertops, when you touch it or set a pan or plate on it, it leaves a mark that you can still see even after wiping. What can prevent this?

This is a common problem with dark and especially black honed granite, which is easily solved by applying a Color-Enhancing Marble & Granite Sealer that makes the stone darker so the finger prints are not so noticeable.

Of course, you cannot apply a sealer to Silestone, so it’s just a matter of cleaning it. If the finger print oils are staining as I think you suggest (“leaves a mark that you can still see even after wiping”) then that could be a problem you’ll need to contact Silestone or your fabricator about.

Although, you may not be using the best cleaner, which may solve the issue.

2 thoughts on “Eliminate Finger Prints on Black Silestone”

    1. Silestone Central

      Silestone is heavily resistant to scratches and little effort is required to maintain the Silestone, but there are a few basic rules to follow. Although Silestone is scratch-resistant, it is still a good idea to use a cutting board when slicing and chopping foods. Stains will not easily be absorbed into the surface, so wiping clean with a damp cloth when a spill occurs will prevent the stain from setting in.

      Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach on the Silestone countertops. Doing so will eat away the polish and then the countertop will be more susceptible to nicks, mars, and scratches. Chemical household cleaners are toxic. Avoid contact with eyes and ingestion. Call poison control immediately if ingested or contact is made with the eyes.

      In the end, if you still get scratches, call your local Silestone manufacturer for instructions and questions regarding the Silestone Certified Warranty.

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