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Kitchen Color Schemes for 2023: Green

A multi-part series of kitchen color ideas and schemes for your kitchen next year…

Love green kitchen ideas but nervous about using them in the kitchen? Happiness and health are important, so surround yourself in shades that symbolize nature, growth and renewal. For ages, designers have recognized the power of green and have introduced the color into kitchen ideas in a smart and sophisticated ways.

Although many feel the kitchen is a space for neutrals, rich and bold colors can blend well within a kitchen setting or any setting when done right with a trained eye. The kitchen can be a busy and bustling heart of the home as well as a serene room.

These days and into 2023, people are becoming braver with their color choices and having more fun with color in the kitchen. In the recent past, most people chose bold colors for smaller accent pieces in the kitchen. Today, more people opt for bright colors throughout the entire kitchen.

Green Color Schemes in the Kitchen

Inspired by the natural world, green kitchen ideas can range from restful and calming to strong and striking. Green colors bring an enveloping feel but can also sit quietly and allow bold kitchen furniture to shine. One of the trending kitchen color ideas is green cabinetry, walls and accessories. The options range from muddy, moody shades for a traditional feel to brighter greens for a livelier space. Here are some excellent green kitchen ideas for your remodel.

Before picking a scheme or tone to start, consider your room’s orientation. A south- or west-facing room can take a cooler, bluer green, while a north- or east-facing room that receives little warm daylight will need a green with a hint of yellow in it.

Dark green kitchen with marble-style Countertops

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

A bottle green kitchen with marble backsplash and countertop, brass handles and vintage framed oil paintings lining a wall shelf.

When you opt for a darker shade you can really have fun playing with contrasts – and you can introduce this with dramatic kitchen countertop ideas. The deeper green you choose, the more dramatic the marble will look – and if it has a high level of veining then all the better, as it will add a fabulous decorative element to the space. 

We love the idea of having a marble-style shelf too… an interior design style trick to steal from this beautiful green kitchen.

Green & white kitchen for a dark space

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

A white and green kitchen with Shaker-style cabinetry, kitchen island, rattan bar stools and white countertops.

Green, like most shades, looks fabulous with white and is perfect for cabinetry, if you are looking for classic painted kitchen ideas. You can’t beat the clean crisp feel that the two colors together create – especially in dark or low-ceilinged kitchens. 

And when you team it with a vibrant shade the contrast is even greater with the result being a bold and beautiful space. Make a bold statement with their kitchen cabinets and chose a vibrant bright green. When using such a strong cabinet color, it’s best to choose a neutral for the walls so the green really pops.

Adding in rustic wood and rattan will give your green kitchen a spot of texture, which makes all the difference against the flatness of smooth, white kitchen walls, countertops and units. Brass looks great with this bolder shade too as it’s a yellow-based green. 

Olive for a “French Chateau” kitchen

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

Olive green kitchen ideas featuring open wooden shelving, a striped curtain under the countertops and patterned tile flooring.

Olive is the chameleon of the chalk paint palette. It can be a neutral, dropping into the background or it can be the shining star of a color scheme. It’s warm, earthy, and mutable – a useful color and real hidden gem.

It is a classical color, but also works as an anchor for a cool 1950s mid-century modern color palette. Olive is a bit of a dark horse in the sense that you can easily forget how much interest and sophistication it brings to a space.

Green accents for blush pink

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

A kitchen extension with green painted island, plaster pink walls, crittall doors and skylights.

If a green kitchen isn’t your thing, but you want to introduce a shot of this fresh shade, then use it on one area – like in your kitchen island ideas. It will still take pride of place, but will be subtler. 

All shades of green look great with pink tones – be it blush, rose, coral or a barely-there shade. And this shade of dark pink is fantastic if you love the idea of red kitchen ideas, but want something softer. 

This kitchen shows how you can break up a scheme, with its white units, jet black bar stools and statement kitchen lighting ideas in the form of beautiful glass globe pendants.

Double down on green with two shades

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

Pale green crittall windows with green kitchen, black and white tiled floor and rattan chairs.

Why have one when you can have two? This beautiful pale green shade on both the interior and exterior of these Crittall doors frames the entrance to this green kitchen perfectly. 

Inside, the kitchen is painted in a darker green that adds depth to the overall scheme. Using two shades like this adds balance to a space, and this is what makes a room work visually. 

Using two shades can be also a great option for a kitchen-diner, or to connect your green kitchen with green dining room ideas.

Green artwork as a starting point

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

Mid green kitchen ideas with green walls, abstract artwork, wooden flooring and a peninsula kitchen island.

Searching for green kitchen ideas but not sure what shade to pick? If you have a painting you love, it could be your inspiration.

The moss green on the walls matches the green of the artwork perfectly. 

You can then choose second and third accent colors that will complement the rest of the scheme – in this case, the wooden side table and black bar stools match well. The bright green forms a background for the stainless steel units and countertops that are sleek and contemporary. 

Japanese aesthetics with sea green

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

Floor to celing sea green kitchen cabinets with wooden shelving inside, and a white kitchen island with black bar stool.

Green kitchen ideas are perfect for a busy space. Mix beautiful imperfection with a delicate sea or mint green, and you have the essence of this traditional Japanese philosophy of design.

In this kitchen, the restful color used for the kitchen storage ideas elegantly showcases the monochrome ceramics and wooden artisan pieces within.

Dark green grandeur plus Gothic elements

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

A dark green kitchen island in a gothic-inspired scheme with black pendant lights and pale gray painted units.

While green can be gentle and soothing, it can also bring elements of the rich and regal – so if you are looking to add a bold splash of color to a neutral, white or pale gray kitchen, this painted kitchen island is the perfect inspiration.

In this sensational Gothic-style scheme, a deep emerald green island is a rich and powerful centerpiece, enhanced with wrought lantern-style pendants and ornate stools featuring beaded legs.

Wall-to-wall olive green

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

An olive green kitchen with green walls, dining table in the foreground and pastel pink and teal upholstered dining chairs.

Though relatively small, this green kitchen has a powerful look and cosseting feel that’s largely down to the strength of the tone. A rich olive like this works with darker warm tones of wood – walnut and darker oak are both excellent choices.

Keeping the walls free of units – here a Shaker-style peg rail offers hanging spaces for utensils linens and pans – will ensure that your small kitchen ideas don’t feel cramped and crowded

Green can be contemporary chic too

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

An open plan white kitchen with pale green cabinetry and island, a long wooden dining table and open wooden shelving.

It’s easy to associate green with a rustic look, but this open plan kitchen design demonstrates that it can also be the key to contemporary opulence. 

Matte handle-less units are finished in Regiment – a succulent shade that balances a heritage feel with calm and refined flair.

Combine dark green with wood tones

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

A dark green kitchen with brown backsplash and white square island.

Ready to dive head-first into green kitchen ideas? Then consider a jewel-like emerald green in a contemporary slab style that oozes color confidence. 

It looks so strong and bold when used in black and white kitchens, like the almost-black grained backsplashes and flooring in this kitchen.

Green textures for earthy feel

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

Dark green kitchen cabinetry with white countertops and backsplash, exposed brick and open shelving.

Love the idea of blue kitchen ideas but want a softer finish? A deep blue-green is a great compromise.

From the soft tones of sage to the more impactful hues of forest green, green creates a sophisticated and enveloping effect that looks fresh and contemporary.

Combining these colors with a palette of earthy and natural tones brings the outdoors in, so pair green cabinetry with natural textures such as wood, linen and cotton.

Deep sea green kitchen for period-dramatics

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

A dark gray-green kitchen with gold taps, pendant lighting and wooden bar stools.

Dark gray-green kitchens are growing in popularity, and offer an indulgent, grown-up look that work in almost any setting – whether that’s a snug galley in a period townhouse, or a vast rural kitchen extension.

Brushed brass details, delicate ribbed glass details and subtle beading on the fascia contribute to the classic appeal, but it’s the deep color – Baltic Green – that is ultimately timeless.

Balanced tones of green in kitchen

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

Two shades of green painted on kitchen walls and cabinetry, with open shelving and black bar stools.

You have plenty of options when it comes to pairing green with other colors – but if you’re looking for kitchen painting tips and inspiration, frankly, you can’t go wrong with more green. 

Here, moss green countertops and woodwork frame paler aquamarine walls.

Limit green to kitchen walls

Kitchen Green Color Scheme

Green kitchen ideas featuring baroque style wallpaper and a bright green wall set against off white cabinetry and natural wooden flooring.

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