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Let’s Get Into Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2024

Emily Hendrickson - Interior Designer

Emily Hendrickson
Interior Design

Dekton and Silestone kitchen countertops continue to take exciting design leaps forward in conjunction with manufacturing technology. The fusion of style and functionality has always been at the core of coming up with new Silestone options. Trends are also shaping the that balance too.

As we get settled into 2024, here are some of the hottest kitchen design and kitchen countertop trends.

Greens are ever popular for kitchens… sage, emerald, and olive. But does that work for countertops? That depends!

Other warm burnished hues, like terracotta, amber, muted yellow, and soft or midnight blues are also trending. If you want to stay en vogue, countertop colors to avoid range on the gray and ultra-dark spectrum as they tend to make the kitchen too dark, unwelcoming, and somewhat impractical.

Bold colors are welcome in appliances, especially in neutral kitchens for a splash of contrast, but you can opt for soft neutrals to create a serene and uniform design.

A neutral design typically stands the test of time. Something that doesn’t subscribe to a specific interior design style is best. In this sense, shaker-style kitchens and cabinets are the most versatile and have been a top choice for many decades. Its unfussy form makes it suitable for any interior, from traditional all the way to ultra-minimalist or very ornate homes.

Kitchen Countertop Images Speak Louder Than Words

Kitchen Countertop Trends 2024

Reinvigorated Kitchen Colors

Green is a trending kitchen paint color, and it’s likely to last beyond 2024. If you don’t have plants in the design space, green tones bring a fresh, calm feelings to a kitchen. The color can complement various design styles and is deal for walls, backsplash tiles, kitchen countertops, or kitchen islands. Adds a touch of nature to your kitchen with sage, emerald, or a shade of olive.

Ultra-Thin Countrtop & Surface Profiles

Ultra-thin countertops are becoming a favorite for many reasons. These strikingly sleek surfaces emphasize clean lines and simplicity. Despite their delicate appearance, advancements in material technology ensure these countertops are durable and resistant to daily wear and tear.

Integrate Sinks & Drainboards

Countertops in 2024 are not just about the surface but also about functionality. Kitchen trends of 2024 are seeing advanced integrated sinks and drainboards crafted from the same material as the countertop. This design creates a seamless look as the sink and counter merge into one flowing surface. It also eliminates crevices between the sink and countertop, which simplifies cleaning.

Dramatic SileStone Countertops

High-drama quartz countertops are poised to steal the spotlight in kitchen design for 2024. These exquisite surfaces exude elegance and luxury. They elevating the aesthetic of any kitchen space. Whether you want marble-like veining or natural patterns of stone, countertops can create a focal point while offering durability and functionality.

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