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Silestone in 227 New Hotels Next Year

Silestone in New HotelsCosentino Group doubles its numbers, charging 1.5 million euros from January 2012 to their area of business that includes hotel projects. Cosentino Group, a Spanish multinational world leader in the production and distribution of quartz surfaces and other natural stones, has installed its products since January this year in a total of 107 hotels worldwide and has confirmed the delivery of their products to 227 new hotels for next year.

Since early 2012, the multinational Almeria 1,500,000 euros billed to your area of business “Diversia” which includes hotel projects.

Iconic hotels such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai (UAE) (only seven star hotel in the world), the NH Eurobuilding in Madrid (Spain), the Casa Camper in Berlin (Germany), The Hotel designed by Jean Nouvel in Lucerne (Switzerland), the Crown Plaza Hotel in Semarang (Indonesia), the Moscovo Hilton in Moscow (Russia), the Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof in Ghent (Belgium), the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai (China) or the Hotel Grischa in Davos (Switzerland), have the exclusive Cosentino materials inside.

Architects, designers and professionals from the hospitality industry Cosentino valued products for its sustainability, ease of maintenance, durability and design. Materials that are ideal for use as buffets, countertops, counters, common areas, showers, sinks, floors, stairs, etc..

The Silestone quartz surfaces, recycled surfaces Eco by Cosentino, semiprecious stone surfaces Prexury by Cosentino, granites protected by Cosentino Sensa ® and a variety of natural stones make up the vast variety of products and technically impeccable aesthetic Cosentino Group offers.

Cosentino materials are completely adapted to the needs of hotels integrating sustainability with the highest technical and design more successful both in building new hotels in the reform of existing ones.

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