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Silestone Introduces New Suede Finish in Quartz Surfaces

Suede is the latest finish in the Silestone family of quartz surfaces. Featuring unique elegance and beauty, Silestone’s Suede finish is one of the most advanced matte textures in the world of quartz surfaces. The new Suede finish quartz surface offers several advantages including high stain resistance, pleasing matte texture, colour consistency, wide choice of colours, anti-bacterial properties and simple daily maintenance.

Key features of Silestone Suede finish quartz surface:

  • Unique matte texture
  • Excellent performance against stains
  • Total colour consistency and quality
  • Choice of over 30 different colours
  • Ideal for use as worktops and tiling
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water
  • Silestone bacteriostatic property guarantees maximum hygiene in all applications

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