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Sustainability Milestone for Silestone

That rhymed! Anyway, last year, Cosentino unveiled its latest sustainable innovation: HybriQ, cutting-edge technology for the manufacturing and composition of its leading brand Silestone. Today, DNV GL verifies Silestone complies with the highest environmental standards and maintains performance and durability.

HybriQ achieves an important sustainability milestone

In an incredible milestone, HybriQ has achieved an important certification from DNV GL – Business Assurance, one of the world’s leading certification bodies. This certification verifies that the entire Silestone portfolio manufactured with HybriQ Technology complies with the highest sustainability standards and maintains the same incredible performance as the previous formulation.

At the production level, HybriQ allows materials to be manufactured using 99% reused water and 100% renewable electric energy while producing no particle emissions and zero water discharge. In terms of composition, HybriQ uses a new hybrid formulation of premium minerals, quartz, and recycled materials. Beyond HybriQ, Cosentino has also introduced HybriQ+, an elevated version that maintains a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials in its composition. This new composition greatly reduces the presence of crystalline silica in the composition of Silestone by 50%, achieving a reduction of up to 90% for some colors.

This important endorsement comes as Cosentino completes the full conversion of all its Silestone products to be developed with this new and innovative technology. Cosentino continues making strides in its unwavering commitment to developing sustainable materials and products that create a positive impact.

What do you think… is this really sustainable?

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