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The Blarney Stone

Forty years ago, the Blarney Stone, a family owned Irish bar, opened its doors in the Financial District to much success. But, after the death of the Keane family patriarch and 9/11, business has suffered, leaving brothers Teddy and Joe struggling to carry on the family business.

Now, after 40 years of wear and tear, The Blarney Stone desperately needs renovation in order to attract the new wave of young residents living in the Financial District. However, renovation has been out of the question and the bar is literally disintegrating around them!

A construction intervention would resurrect the spirit of the Blarney Stone and bring in new customers to this much loved neighborhood institution.

When someone new walks in, they almost immediately walk out because nearly everything is original from 1969! From the barely functioning steam table to the cracked tile floor, the kitsch of this bar is killing its revenue.

Although these troubles haven’t stopped loyal regular customers from enjoying great food and cheap drinks, the grungy appearance has hindered the flow of new clientele that Joe and Teddy need to make up for the loss of business they suffered after 9/11. While the brothers try their best to keep profits up, they are barely making ends meet and fear losing the family business that was their father’s pride and joy.

Nearly everything could use a facelift. The floors are dingy, the ceiling tiles are mismatched and water damaged, the air conditioning ducts leak, the refrigerators behind the bar don’t work, the kitchen appliances and floor are in dire straights, and all aesthetic touches are outdated or non-existent.

As Joe and Teddy are from a family of eight children, which has now grown with the addition of 21 grandchildren, one can be assured that a Construction Intervention reveal will be the biggest Blarney Stone celebration in its history!

A new look would breathe new life into this Financial District favorite and preserve the Keane family’s legacy on a neighborhood that cannot afford to lose another business.

Silestone joined with Construction Intervention to provide countertop surfaces, fabrication and installation with hands-on involvement from Counter Revolution for The Blarney Stone. Silestone Tigris Sand was donated for this project.

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