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Botta de Vino

Jeff, an employee at a manufacturing company, lost most of his 401k due to the recent recession. So, he decided that rather than spending another 20 years to recoup the loss, he and his wife, a massage therapist, should secure their own destiny, while Jeff still holds down his current job, and open their wine shop, Botta de Vino.

Now, married for less than two years, their renovation continues to put stress on their relationship and bank account.

This particular renovation is a classic case of “he said, she said” as unbeknownst to Jeff, while he’s working his 9 to 5; Triciann keeps changing the renovation plans with the contractor. As a result, the contractor is in the dark with what they want and hasn’t completed a blueprint, every month money is flying out of the window because they’re not open, and not only is the renovation on hold, so is their plan for starting a family.

Botta de Vino is their dream business that has quickly turned into their worst nightmare!

Botta de Vino needs a construction intervention because without it, Triciann will continue to give design changes to the contractor (without Jeff’s input), which is why things aren’t happening now, and are at a complete standstill.

Currently, the entire 1,800 sq ft space (includes 1st floor and basement) is cold and bare. While the walls and floors may be finished on the 1st floor, it’s nowhere near the cozy, Tuscan style atmosphere they envision that includes an enclosed wine library with a wall of wine and library ladder, a mock kitchen, a living room area, a tasting wine bar, and a back wall made of double doors that leads to a deck that extends to the backyard.

The basement is a very nice, finished area that should take on the look of a dark speakeasy with a tasting wine bar, lounge seating, wine storage, and a small bathroom. However, the only thing to speak of in the basement is that it’s a blank, primed canvass waiting for the owners and the contractor to create something magical.

The back deck / back yard is to be a place enjoyed by groups of people who want to feel like they’re in Italy. To add to their design, the landlord is going to display his mammoth works of steel sculptures.

Silestone joined with Construction Intervention to provide countertop surfaces, fabrication and installation with hands-on involvement from Counter Revolution for Botta de Vino. Silestone Coffee was donated for this project.

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