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Tredici Restaurant

Dominick Anfuso, the owner and chef of Tredici restaurant, has his hands in the pasta and in every aspect of the renovation. Without a clear and concise plan, he opened his restaurant four years ago, and then started construction. As a result, this project has turned into a two year renovation nightmare with too many bad contractors in the kitchen, an architect with a different vision, and a business owner who’s forced himself to play the role of sub-contractor, restaurateur, and chef. Unfortunately, his dream of creating a traditional Italian restaurant is taking a toll on his family, his health, and his bank account. Tredici, which means 13 in Italian, is certainly Dominick Anfuso”s unlucky number!

Dominick did what any of us would do when he started the renovation of his restaurant. He got recommendations for a contractor and hired one for the job. The first one proved to be incompetent and he was fired. The second one did everything wrong and left with Dominick’s money. Now Dominick is trying to be his own contractor, and run his restaurant. And on top of that he keeps changing his mind about what he wants causing further delays. He needs a construction intervention to undo the damage caused by disreputable contractors. Unless this happens, his dream of a themed “traditional” Italian restaurant with an indoor piazza, painted blue ceiling (that resembles the sky), balconies, and a monorail glass system over the bar, may never come to fruition.

An architect trained in Italy, replaced the former architect. He’s taken on the project at a greatly reduced rate because he truly feels sorry for Dominick because his last architect and contractors took him for a ride. But he’s getting frustrated. Dominick keeps changing his mind and insists on being heavily involved in every step because of the bad experience with the former contractor.

The third, and current contractor, is on the project because like the architect, feels badly that a fellow contractor took advantage of such a nice guy. John is managing the crews, but since Dominick can’t afford John’s subcontractors, he has to go out and find his own. Effectively making Dominick act as another contractor and sometimes causing confusion.

Silestone joined with Construction Intervention to provide countertop surfaces, fabrication and installation with hands-on involvement from Counter Revolution for Tredici Restaurant. Silestone Stellar Marine and Silestone Blue Enjoy was donated for this project.

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