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Dekton on a Roll with Laurent Dekton Stone Countertops

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Designed to emulate Port Laurent marble, a natural black stone with unique intense and vivid gold veins, the Dekton Laurent option can surpass the natural stone marble and be used for all kinds of surfaces, not just countertops. Like the natural marble, this Dekton stone can withstand the beating when used for flooring.

Instead of black stone, Dekton’s option has a dark brown foundation with thick veins of gold that makes a bold statement. And as many have come to expect from Dekton, Laurent can be used for all kinds of other interior design surfaces, from walls and outdoor facades to countertops, indoor and out. Don’t forget about backsplashes, bathroom shower walls, vanity tops, table tops, or shelving too.

Going even further, Dekton stone is manufactured to be so strong that it is available in thin formats or slabs, so it can be used as cladding, flooring, even furniture.

Dekton Laurent Kitchen Walls and Counters

Silestone Dekton LAurent Slab (Hi-res)

Dekton Laurent Slab

Collection: Natural Series

Finish: Available in Solid or Satin

Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor or Outdoor

Applications: Countertop, Flooring, Table, Wall, Facade

Durability: Heavy Duty

Environmental Benefits: Low Emitting

Certificates & Standards: Greenguard Gold, LGA QualiTest GmbH, NSF/ANSI 51

LEED: May Contribute Toward LEED Credits

Flammability: EN 13501-1 Fire Reaction A2fl,s1 / A2,s2,d0

Abrasion / Wear Resistance: EN-14617-4 Resistance to Abrasion 30 A4 mm

Slip Resistance: EN-14231 Polish Wet: 5. Dry: 37; EN-14231 Suede Wet 10, Dry: 40

Water Absorption: EN-14617-1 0.05% W4

Impact Resistance: EN-14617-9 Resistance to Impact moew than or equal to 14.8 cm/J

Flexural Strength: EN-14617-2 Flexural Strength 78.5 F4 Mpa

Dekton Laurent Kitchen Walls Counters

Laurent Countertop Options

Cost of Dekton Laurent (Price)

What makes one color more expensive than another? The production cost and the manufacturer’s ability to obtain the desired color from raw materials. A good indicator is granulometry. The more discreet the grain (more uniform and smooth), the more resin content it contains and, therefore, the more expensive it is to produce.

Silestone Quartz Price Cost

Slabs for Dekton Laurent

There are 2 size options for Silestone Slabs:

Standard is 55 inches by 120 inches
Jumbo Slab is 63 inches by 128 inches

There are 3 thickness options for Silestone Quartz Slabs:

1.2 cm | 2.0 cm | 3.0 cm

The thicker the material you select, the more resistant it is to flexion and impacts.

Silestone Quartz Slabs

Edges Options for Dekton Laurent


Silestone Edge - Bullnose

A completely rounded finish that maintains the surface’s thickness throughout your Silestone quartz kitchen countertop.

Basic Eased

Silestone Edge - Basic Eased

This edge type appears square with a slightly eased top edge while maintaining the countertop’s thickness.

Straight Beveled

Silestone Edge - Straight Beveled

Similar to the basic ease, this edge maintains the surface thickness and appears square with a slanted top edge.


Silestone Edge - Demi-Bullnose

An edge that is rounded along the top and flattens at the bottom for a straight edge while maintaining a consistent thickness. Also know as half-bullnose.


Silestone Edge - Ogee

This more traditional style of edge features a concave arch that transitions into a convex arch for your kitchen quartz countertop.


Silestone Edge - Mitered

Similar to the basic ease, this edge maintains the surface thickness and appears square with a slanted top edge.

Dekton Laurent Counters

Locate Suppliers for Dekton Laurent Surface

Let’s save you some money on Dekton Laurent counters. Silestone Central has a portfolio of regional and local distributors of countertops.

Quote Dekton on a Roll with Laurent Dekton Stone Countertops

Retail Residential Warranty

Dekton Warranty for Residential Use
Dekton Warranty

Warranty for Public Space Applications

Dekton Warranty Info for Use in Public Spaces
Dekton 10-year Warranty for Use in Public Spaces

Warranty for Use as Façades

Dekton Warranty for Use as Façade
Dekton 10-year Warranty for Use as Façades

DEkton Laurent Performance

Stain Resistance

Dekton Laurent is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, olive oil, make-up and many other everyday products when properly maintained. The Silestone coefficient of porosity is practically null and much lower than that of granite or marble. It is also more stain resistant than acrylics and laminates. However, be careful not to leave on liquids, such as, tea, coffee or red wine on the surface for more than 24 hours. Reason being, if liquids like these are exposed to the surface for such a long time this may penetrate the material, and may require a billable service call request. Remember that Silestone is stain resistant, not stain proof.

Silestone is not affected by common kitchen acids like lemon juice, tomato juice or vinegar (food acid). Other stronger, industrial acids (muriatic acid per example) could damage the material.

Silestone does not need any water repellent or gloss enhancer. Avoid these products as they can lead to important care and maintenance problems that void your warranty.

Heat Resistance

Silestone holds up better than a majority of other countertop or interior surface products, such as, laminate, wood and solid surface. It is recommended that you use a trivet because Dekton Laurent is not warranted against thermal shock.

Impact Resistance

Dekton Laurent resistance to impact is very high. It far exceeds that of other products with similar applications, such as, natural stone or solid surfaces. That being said, care not to hit the exposed ends, corners, cutouts and edge profile especially in the dishwasher and sink area.

Scratch Resistance

Silestone is highly scratch resistant because quartz is one of the hardest minerals in existence. The Mohs scale classifies it as the hardest 7 earth mineral behind topaz, corundum and diamond. It will not “micro-scratch” like acrylic products and is broadly more resistant than any laminated or stratified product. Even so, you should still use a cutting board and avoiding jagged knives, ceramic knives, choppers, unfinished dishware, and clay pots directly on the worktop. Scouring pads or abrasive sponges should be avoided as they can deteriorate the polished surface.

Microbial / Bacteriostatic Protection

Due to its low porosity, Dekton Laurent countertops are considered an antibacterial surface, which limits the proliferation of bacteria. Please note that Silestone is not an antimicrobial surface. By medical definition, only a substance that kills microorganisms like bacteria or mold, or stops them from growing and causing disease can be labeled as antimicrobial.


Quote Dekton on a Roll with Laurent Dekton Stone Countertops

Need Dekton Laurent Installers?

Again, we can save you money on Laurent countertop installation. Silestone Central has a portfolio of regional and local installers of Dekton countertops.


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