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Modular Homes with Silestone Countertops

One option to address the need for affordable housing across the U.S. is coming out of Denver, CO, where Clayton Homes is assembling two homes a week with amenities like Silestone countertops and selling them for around $300,000.

Modular homes have come a long way since the Sears Roebuck kits 100 years ago. You’d have a hard time differentiating traditional homes built on site with those built in a factory. The only difference (and a big one it is) is that the factory homes take a month instead of a year to build and sell for about half the price.

It seems like home building is now as easy as putting Legos together. Instead of the step-by-step sequence that happens onsite at a traditioal home build, in the factory sections of the house are assembled and inspected simultaneously. Parts and panels go in one end of an assembly line and complete homes emerge on the other. At the same time roof trusses and floor trusses are built.

Home Building That Uses Less Waste Uses Countertops That Are Environmentally Friendly

By the time a house leaves the factory, all it needs are finishing touches like paint, cupboards and carpeting. In addition to more efficiency, there’s less waste. Everything is pre-cut from plumbing to wiring. When you use exact lengths, nothing is wasted.

Lower Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

Farmhouse sinks, Silestone countertops in kitchens and quartz caountertops in bathrooms. It’s definitely the wave of the future. It’s more attainable affordable housing that keeps people settled with a good quality home.

So far, Clayton Homes has assembled eight models, and starting this fall, the company will construct 96 homes for a new development in Green Valley Ranch, Colorado. There’s already a waitlist for them. While they’re less than 1,300 square feet, they’re energy efficient and you can get a two or three bedroom house with all the appliances for about $300,000.

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