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Silestone Official Supplier for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver

Silestone has been selected as the exclusive supplier of worktops for the Olympic Village at the Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver (Canada) from 12 to 28 February.

The Olympic Village, known as Millennium Water, has been constructed under strict environmental criteria and after being used as a residential area to the more than 5,500 athletes who will compete during the Winter Olympics; it will be converted into another neighborhood in Vancouver.

The Olympic Village covers approximately 56,000 m2 with more than 600 buildings where the athletes, trainers, organization members and representatives of the Olympic Committee will live together during these upcoming days.

The construction of this residential complex has been the most important commercial project as regards quartz materials in North America in 2009. The design of the installations has involved the manufacturing and installation of more than 6,500 m2 of Silestone worktops in 859 bathrooms and kitchens in the Village’s apartments. Capri and Maple White, and Silestone’s Ivory Coast have been the colors selected for this project.

Continuing with its commitment to worldwide sporting events, Cosentino, the Spanish multinational, and its brand Silestone will also be present during the 2010 Winter Olympics through the Pan-European campaign that will be aired on the sports channel Eurosport.

The Silestone campaign, the first that will be aired on a European channel, will be televised and have online presence with the slogan: “My kitchen worktop: Silestone!”

On the Internet, Cosentino will sponsor the section dedicated to Vancouver in all the versions of the Eurosport webpage.

Silestone official supplier for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver | Grupo Cosentino

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