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Real Deal Barbershop

Fred Robinson, owner of Real Deal barbershop, was a constant victim of rogue “contractors”. Nearly two years ago, on two separate occasions, Fred hired people he thought he could trust to connect the main drain in the basement and to fix the HVAC system. Now, as a result of shoddy work, his shop is literally falling apart from the floor to the ceiling, and the constant small repairs are cutting into his profits leaving him unable to make larger, costly repairs. In addition, his wife has had to come out of retirement twice to help pay the bills.

The Real Deal desperately needs a real Construction Intervention to keep him a cut above the rest.

Silestone joined with Construction Intervention to provide countertop surfaces, fabrication and installation with hands-on involvement from Counter Revolution for Real Deal Barbershop. Silestone Stellar Marine and Silestone Mahogany was donated for this project.

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