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Create a Stylish yet Functional Commercial Workspace with Silestone

Jane Lau (a.k.a Jane Chuck) with famed designer Jun Ong creatively integrated Silestone quartz surfaces into various parts of Jane’s new headquarters. Jun Ong has a background in architecture but is known for making art using light fittings as the medium while Jun has been commissioned by brands like Gucci, Nike, and Adidas to make light installations.

As people return to offices (we’ll see about that!), balancing comfort and productivity must be considered when designing or refurbishing offices and workspaces. From boosting creativity to fostering the well-being of associates, the typical workspace setups (meeting rooms, the reception area, and even the office pantry) all play an essential role in cultivating performance.

Commercial Space - Silestone Ethereal Glow Countertops

Centerpieces in any workspace are important to create lasting impressions when meeting with customers/clients. Similar to how an individual carries themself or manages their appearance, an office can say a lot about a company. At Motherquarters, Jane selected the latest rage from Silestone, the Ethereal Glow countertop in her fountain centerpiece. The fountain centerpiece was inspired by suburbia malls and mid-century homes. With the goal of being a space for aspirations, people, and self-care, the heart of the headquarters revolves around an oval-shaped mosaic-tiled counter with a bespoke water fountain.

Commercial Space - Silestone Ethereal Countertops

The idea was to create a multi-functional island that has a vanity counter, display shelving and a planter – all anchored around the water fountain. They wanted to recreate a suburban mall fountain look hence we decided to use white mosaic tiles for the entire counter. Silestone Ethereal Glow was the perfect countertop to finish the look as it has a classic white marble aesthetic yet is water and stain-resistant. The counter was also in an ellipse shape, and the single-cut of Silestone Ethereal accentuated its seamless, dramatic curves. Silestone quartz was selected because of its contemporary look and durability.

When it comes to work or retail space, organization is another important element to ensure productivity by allowing easy access (see or know where it is) products or stock. When you keep space organized, it will keep you efficient by saving you time to work on more important tasks. As fashion and skincare are the core of Chuck’s retail business, it is essential to have proper shelving to ensure that all fashion pieces to skincare collections are well-organized. At the same time it is a great space to showcase the company’s skincare and clothing line in a creative way. To keep her space ordered while completing the overall workspace ambience that she wanted, Jane chose the durable and sustainable Silestone Sunlit Days Series, specifically Arcilla Red, an earthy red that breathes fire and smells of petrichor, for her shelving. Chuck’s products come in various vibrant colors and textures so it was important to select a Silestone quartz surface that is muted yet able to stand its ground.

Commercial Space - Silestone Ethereal

If we’re going to spend most of the day back in offices, a warm break area and healthy office pantry is a must. At Motherquarters, the pantry is a great place for Jane and her team to come together and exchange ideas and even get creative inspiration while sharing meals. In terms of design, the pantry was inspired by a cozy, wood-toned kitchen from the 1950s with contemporary fittings that introduce pops of colors in the pantry to cut through the wood tones. We love how Silestone Posidonia Green from the Sunlit Days series makes the perfect countertop because it is both durable for kitchen use and also pairs perfectly against our baby blue-tiled backsplash.

Renovate Workspaces with Silestone

Use light for interior design to renovate workspaces that go the extra mile in boosting productivity and output. Whether at home or at the office, we all do better in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

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