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Watch Out Silestone! Here Comes MSI Quartz Countertops

Given the trend of Quartz countertops taking over the countertop market and trending to keep it up for the foreseeable future, it is not surprising that more manufacturers of engineered quartz are popping up around the world, as well as domestically in North America. Quartz is abundant an the barriers to entry into the manufacturing process are not great.

MSI Quartz Countertops

MSI has been around since the 70s and has recently garnered more attention for its aggressive expansion. Since their founding in 1975, MSI has grown to over $2.5 billion in annual revenues, and over 3,000 employees worldwide. More recently, in 2019, MSI established a 360,000 sq ft facility in Latta, South Carolina, to manufacture quartz domestically. Then in 2021, MSI Quartz Countertops broke ground on 10 regional distribution centers that included a massive 650,000 distribution center in Savannah, Georgia.

Brief History of MSI Quartz Countertops

In the 1970s, Manu and Rika Shah arrived in the United States from India with a dream of owning their own business. Today, MSI has very ambitious expansion plans that include additional distribution and retail locations across the U.S. and Canada, as well as more product lines of domestically produced products. The company is currently headquartered in Orange, California, with 40+ state-of-the-art showrooms and distribution centers in North America that includes their current domestic manufacturing facilities for Q Premium Natural Quartz (MSI Quartz Countertops).

The MSI Quartz Countertop Model

As a manufacturer and a distributor, MSI offers a huge product variety. The company imports hundreds of millions of sq. ft. in stock, including over 5,000 SKUs of luxury vinyl tile, porcelain & ceramic tile, quartz countertops, natural stone countertops and tile (granite, marble, travertine, slate, limestone, quartzite, and sandstone), prefabricated countertops, decorative mosaics, and sinks.

MSI sources the globe for its products, and through 40+ distribution centers across the US and Canada, to deliver them when, where, and how customers need them. The company has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art information system to accurately forecasts customer demand and manages inventory levels to ensure that all products and services are provided on time.

It seems the company as a whole is fully committed to the success of partners throughout the distribution chain. Though product-driven, the company keeps a service-based approach to improve customer support and deliver satisfaction. Ongoing programs include complimentary training for salespeople, merchandising and display programs, marketing materials, and hands-on customer service.

The unique business model, strong partnerships and buying power allows MSI Quartz Countertops to provide high-quality reasonably priced products to the entire market. The result is value at every price point, even for engineered quartz countertops that many people might think is out of their price range.

MSI already keeps a Charitable Trust that aims to improve and strengthen the health, education, and wellness of communities in which it operates. Their primary causes are early childhood education, healthcare and wellbeing, and employment generation.

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