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Home Design Trends

Home Design Trends • Silestone Quartz Countertops comes up quite often at Silestone Central. We work hard to follow new releases, trends, and updates on Silestone and its connection with Home Design Trends • Silestone Quartz Countertops. For individuals or industry pros, stay up to date on the latest countertop options or innovations through our community of independent experts.

Silestone for Contrast

Contemporary Living Rooms with Cool Silestone Surfaces

While Silestone surfaces can help rooms feel cooler during hot summer days, they also create a warm, organic atmosphere in modern interiors – especially when contrasted against glass surfaces and other natural materials, such as wood. Different types of stone surfaces add textural interest and bring a touch of the outdoors into the home.

Kitchen Countertops - Silestone Waterfall

Silestone for Waterfall Countertops

If you are considering a waterfall countertop (probably for an island counter) is right for your cook space, these are variables to think about before the investment into a relatively expensive design style.

White Silestone Kitchen Countertops

The Best Countertops for a Bright Kitchen

White is the new everything for home interiors and countertops. Lately, for all of us wanting to revamp an existing kitchen or build our dream home, white quartz countertops (Silestone) offer up a combination of style and versatility that is unmatched. Known for both durability and design appeal, no choice ranks higher than white Silestone quartz.

1980s Cocaine Design Interiors - Silestone

It’s Coming Back… 1980s Interior ‘Cocaine’ Design

With interior design trends being pretty wholesome like clean Silestone countertops of late, it’s only a matter of time before things get a little less G-rated. It seems 1980s cocaine decor must be the next big thing… excessive mirrors, glass surfaces, white ceramic statues, and neon lights.

Travertine Kitchen vs Silestone

Is Travertine Trending to Replace Silestone?

Travertine, the porous variety of limestone (not Silestone quartz), often found around mineral springs, has emerged as a star in the decorating landscape. It is emblematic this current era of material-forward decorating where visual calm is key.